Clue Cards

My Mom was cleaning out the game closet and saved these ancient Clue playing cards. They're almost vintage. I like them a lot. Any ideas what to do with them?
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Anonymous said...

cute cards ame. i'll have you know that all the girls up to the retreat are raving about your blog. and they'll all probably read this because they're the scary stalker type. i'm jealous you saw that movie! so glad it was good though. i can't wait to see it. thanks for always updating to keep me entertained these long saturdays at work. and if you're wondering, skylar bennett got his call to missouri.

Amy said...

skylar. wow. you're crazy. Call me when you get home from the retreat. Let's go to that movie cause I definately want to see it again!

Alicia said...

Just curious,
does Skylar Bennett have older brothers named, Chase and C.J. If he does then he's my cousin. I haven't seen him since he was a baby.