hopefully mormon.

i just found this blog, hopefully mormon, through the coterie blog. it's kind of like a postsecret for mormons on a specific topic...why you're mormon. i love these personal entries.


jordan documents her new baby.

i really can't keep up with the blogging world anymore. i only read family and friends now. the two blogs that really got me started in the first place are marta and jordan. their's are the only ones i still check regularly.

jordan posted these beautiful pictures of the labor and birth of her new baby roman. I think this is such a beautiful idea. i love these pictures.

president's day weekend.

for the long weekend, a few friends invited us up to their cabin. I think it was in Wyoming and it was magical. I love being in the snow with snow gear. one of the mornings I got up early and sat on the porch in the total silence of the snow. these are the times I wish my family is with me. I know we appreciate the same things. I knew if my mom were there she'd bring me some hot chocolate or be reading on the sofa. and my dad would take a walk with me in the woods. I think I get my love of the landscape from him. I want my life to be like that all the time. just peace and quiet.

Lene, Dani and me. pointy head.

writing in my journal on the porch.



I haven't written a news article in almost a year and I'm writing one for next week's paper. I love it. I forgot how much I like it.


guess what.

steve + ariel are engaged!

this past weekend, steve cunningly got us all to have a pretend girls night with ariel. we told her we planned to go to Salt Lake and enjoy an evening of chocolate and jazz at the Grand America. before we left, she told Lene and me, "I have a feeling this is going to be the best night of my life."

it was so cute and I am so excited for them. I will miss her as a roommate so much. her skinny little bones have kept me company since freshman year and she has become my best friend. steve is a lucky man.


for like ever party 2010 - flags.

for the valentine's party last week I made these flags out of tissue paper and just sort of strung them up inside our front door. they were really easy to make as you would imagine, and I would like to see an entire ceiling covered with them.

of course, the party was in the evening so it didn't look nearly as lovely as this. but it was such a fun party.


for like ever party 2010.


heart Sarah + Aly.

amer her tas.



moon c8. ted, steve, audrey, josh, geoff, lene.

journalism friends. spencer, natalie (my roommate in D.C.), chase.


dallin = rocky.


ang + sarah


for our 3rd annual v-day party this year, Ariel set up a darling photo area where all our fun guests could take pictures. see all of them here. thanks to Ariellie for all the hard work. love that girl. and I love valentine's day.

i only posted ones with me in it--how vain. but i love these people. more than anything.


i love valentine's day.

aren't these roses beautiful? that pale green makes me feel like a million bucks.


i am coming home asap to see this baby. pictures + video by kate.


dating at byu.

over the weekend, I went to a BYU stake dance (insert a small defense of why I went to a stake dance). as I was about to leave (had my green puffy coat on), a young male asked me to dance. I agreed. after half a song, he got my phone number and proceeded to ask me for a date for Wednesday at 8 p.m. at 5:35 Wednesday evening, I received the following text message:

"Aim-ster, there comes a time in life that some receive the Gift of Dating Prophecy. I prophesy that our date will be like trying to mix koolaid and olive oil. You're olive oil, and I'm koolaid. This is a metaphor. Let's just turn back time to before we set the date. We know you were after my wallet anyway. Let's just be friends on facebook or something. Merry christmas!"

whoever decided arranged marriages were a bad idea never had to date in Provo.


nina's 90th birthday at inchmark.

I'm in such a party-throwing mood and also love my grandmother--which is why I really enjoyed reading about Nina's 90th birthday on Inchmark.

also because of this party-throwing mood, I am super excited for my 3rd annual Valentine's party.

and I'm thinking about throwing a half-birthday party on Feb. 20. what do you think?