kristi loves baked pumpkin seeds.


family home evening group 02 carved pumpkins last night.

no finished product. one was a y and the other a cougar. we love our lives.

justin, robin, and angela's guts.


estaban's first.

mason + me.

elder perry

l. tom paid a visit today for devotional. i heart devotionals. wouldn't miss one for the world. he's a giant among gaints.

he talked about planning. having a plan. jeepers. talk about a halloween fright. in spite of how much time i spend in my planner, i don't have a plan. for tonight nor for tomorrow. for my hair. cleaning my room. for dinner. for the weekend. for my life.

but i do have one for myself. for who i want to be. how to get there though, is still in the planning stages.


i'm it

karly has tagged me. how inadequate i feel.

4 places i've lived:
01. p-town, usa. {provo, utah}
02. st. george, utah

4 jobs i've had:
01. urban wear
02. dr. mcdonald's office
03. private violin teacher

4 favorite desserts:
01. crepes
02. cookies
03. ice cream
04. cake

4 favorite tv shows:
01. gilmore girls
02. the office
03. men in trees
04. my boys

4 interesting facts about me:
01. i am currently sitting next to a nice boy who just said "bye jane, love you" on the phone.
02. i have a growth on the third finger of my right hand. from writing. people stare at it from way far away.
03. the {people} in my ward have labeled me anti-boy. which may or may not be true.
04. i always think of fabulous things i would say about myself if i ever get tagged. and then i forget them as soon as i do.

4 people i'm tagging:
01. charlene
02. stephanie taylor
03. abby
04. consider yourself tagged all you non-bloggers. use the comment box.


hip hip hooray for bon, who ran a 5k. 26:55. i love you girl. you are successful.



preserving transparency of the atrium walls. free of blemish and clear as the sky it showcases.


kristi made the best muffins tonight. i ate like 50.


thanks to kristi's mom and the cheap pumpkins at ream's, decorations are here. thanks to the stresses of college, halloween is not.

wisdom from plato

"...the soul of every man does posess the power of learning the truth and the organ to see it with; just as one might have to turn the whole body round in order that the eye should see the light instead of darkness, so the entire soul must be turned away from this changing world, until its eye can bear to contemplate reality and that supreme splendor which we have called the good."

- plato, 'republic'

his honor

what may have been the pinnacle of my college carrer was essentially--exciting--if anything. it was just a thrill to be in u.s. supreme court chief justice john robert's presence. i arrived early to insure a good seat; my view was great. he was great. he spoke on the constitution and made multiple references to president reagan and to former byu president, rex lee. i loved the phrases he used: "the founders were pioneers" and "an infectious optimism." listening to him, i felt assertedly american.

i lingered after to witness the q+a session. it was a most interesting process. prior to the forum, i considered asking a question. most of the questioners were political science, international relations, or history majors. they asked highly intelligent and highly specific questions i could hardly follow. he, of course, answered them brilliantly.

with little conviction, i still wanted to ask a question. i longed to just fold my feet up on a couch, a coffee table between us, and ask him his favorite color. i wanted to share chips and salsa, and listen to him recount the story of how he met his wife. i wished we met by happenstance on a plane or in a line at disneyland, and i could ask him what was going through his mind during the probationary hearings. or how he got to where he was today.

maybe someday you and i will see him at the cafe on the corner and send him a note on a napkin. just to say "i love john roberts."


funny what happens. after contemplating the game, i encountered these rockies fans on campus. they were freaking out. out of control shouting about the rockies. colorado people are so nuts. talk about alliegance.

i must apologize, however. i used to be a sox fan. then i was a yankees fan. {don't get me started; i do think you can be both.} it was so cool when the red sox won last time, but i don't know. i'm feeling the rockies tonight. but i may be easily persuaded. talk about alliegance.


tonight: game 01

if there ever was a romantic game, it is baseball.

never felt certain i could belong to everything wonderful that is the game. only that it could belong to me.

oh how i love those days of sticky fingers and toes. sun beating down as i watch for that shortstop to save the day.

or how i miss those days of swinging that tiny bat with one hand.

or the heartbreak. heartache. the perepeteia : a complete reversal of fortune. headed for the series and then in one moment, one pitch. it is lost.

the fate resides on lucky socks. lucky number. lucky cap. or the curse. who says the prayer. ritual handshakes. ritual everything.

your team. your family. your one hope to prove to the world you were right and proclaim: "my team won. they haven't won in years." or to cry: "we had it. it was stolen from out of our hands like the 7th coin." your allegiance.

tonight begins the series of worlds. time to choose.


self discovery: 02

i don't know what to look at anymore. my eyes are:

tired of this computer screen.
tired of words on a page.
tired of faces and people.
may not be tired of nature. but.
it is dark outside.

i am discovering : i need to shut them.


tomorrow this picture will be real. and taken by moi. i seriously don't know why everyone in the state---no country--isn't flying in here to hear this brilliant man. seriously. he's probably one of the most important men in the entire world right now...and will be for the rest of his life. and he's coming to my school.


" we are made to persist. that's how we find out who we are."

- tobias wolff

things requiring my persistence: feeding myself + personal hygiene + a clean room + paper on descartes + paper on locke + sunset view elementary + microsoft office for mac + my digital camera + the cold cold + blog + fingernails + siblings + roommates + calling + cleaning check + traveling home + remembering + keeper


the snow

the snow has begun to fall and i am feeling rather ambiguous. i must endure the cold with little else but my heart to keep me warm.

happy me

thanks to charlene who invited me to her work-party at the happy sumo. mm. it was delicious. and so much fun. the more i eat raw fish, the more i like it.


i am a flashcard freak. {i especially love these colorful ones i found at the bookstore}


saffron revolution in burma

i love people that do stuff. this is why i was so happy wednesday when there were spots of red everywhere on campus, to bring awareness about the saffron revolution in burma. i signed the petition and i want to share with you:

200,000 people in burma are demonstrating against their government. what began as a reaction to increased fuel prices has drawn attention to larger grievances against the military government which is known for its systematic use of forced labor, child soldiers, and rape as a weapon of war.

nobel peace prize recipient Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, won 82% of the seats in the parliament in 1990. instead of ceding power to the will of the people, the military governemnt imprisioned many NLD members and supporters and kept Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest.

burma's millitary regime has maintained power by silencing free speech, imprisoning and torturing opposition leaders and democracy supporters, and terrorizing ethnic minorities including destroying more than 3000 villages and displacing more than 1 million refugees.

lead by thousands of monks, teh demonstrations are the larest the cutnry has seen in almost 20 years and have the potential to topple the regime. however, many fear a violent crackdown from the military which has recently moved troops within strking distance of the peaceful protestors.

on wednesday, 3000 byu students signed a petition, which is enough to send to the government to help.
you can help: let your voice be heard.

the people here

things i love about the people i see, encounter, and meet.

01. everyone is really good looking. this sounds really superficial--but just come here. every single person has a beautiful exterior.

02. just to add to my shallowness, everyone dresses nice. and i don't mean wears abercrombie and fitch. i just mean that everyone looks their best.

03. eye contact has so many different meanings. judgement. soul mates. we seem to both know something no one else does. hello. take your pick.

04. the boys open doors. and there are so many of them! {doors, i mean.} without fail, the boys open every door.

05. everyone is so respondent to the weather. it goes without saying how we are feeling about the weather.

06. love is always on the brain. it just is.

07. this one not so much love: it seems that the goal of most is to stand out. to distinguish themselves. which is hardly blameable, but certainly disconcerting. st. george people don't act this way.

thinking about

this week has been a doozy. and i can't rest yet.
must take a test to end all tests tomorrow.
it is 69 degrees here. warmer than in st. george.
the sky somehow seems higher today. like my universe expanded.
then i realize, i haven't looked directly up for the longest time.
do it today. look directly up. you might find something romantic, like i did.



you belong in rome

you're a big city soul with a small town heart
which is why you're attracted to the romance of rome
strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

i'd love to know where you belong.

i "heart" quotation marks

reasons "this" is making me happy:

01. because it has turned "me" into one of those people in the library that just laughs their head off. alone.
02. there are "smart" people in the world.
03. reminds me so much of sean. who "left" for two yesterday.
04. it "is" so clever. so freaking "funny." and "so" true.
05. why didn't i "think" of this?


that could

i think i can
i think i can



would ask her to marry him
just as he knew
she would say yes


wisdom from miss lee

until i feared i would lose it, i never loved to read. one does not love breathing.

- nelle harper lee

andy warhol exhibit

would just die if someone--anyone-- knocked on my door and told me {he} was taking me to the andy warhol at the utah museam of fine arts in salt lake. would just die.

my mix tape

as seen on {m.writes} and {i love you...i think} among others. the name of the game is first ten songs on your shuffle. i love looking at others to get some goodies of iTunes. when i was on my walk to school this morning, i noticed mine weren't half-bad or at all contradictory of who i am.

01. for good - wicked
of course this is my first song. love this song. love wicked. fell in love with this song when it was sung at my sister's high school graduation. and fell in love again when i got the cd. and again when i saw it in l.a.

02. delicate - damien rice
damien rice is the best for times when you just want to dig deep. disregard everything and everyone else in the world.

03. i feel bad - rascal flatts
can never ever get enough of rascals. this is one of my favorites too. rascals will be a forever source of nostalgia for me. can't listen to 'still feels good' without missing home and adolescence.

04. stand by your man - tammy wynette
off of one of the best soundtracks ever made: sleepless in seattle. stand by your man is also the #1 country song...ever. just ask cmt.

05. every kiss - shedaisy
wow. if this doesn't mean high school to me i don't know what does. i love shedaisy. this is one of their best.

06. philosophy - ben folds
an oldie but certainly a goodie. ben never gets old for me either.

07. oceans - the format
the lyrics to this are super good. super unpredictable.

08. accidental babies - damien rice
funny and good.

09. dance with me - orleans
ha. star 98 fm to a t. this is one of those songs that totally pops into my head on a regular basis. love it.

10. smoothie song - nickel creek
anyone who refutes the fact that nickel creek is the best musical group that ever happened can take it up with me. i am obsessed with nickel creek. so good. anyone who is alive should like this. {smoothie song is instrumental but i reccomend 'when you come back down' and 'doubting thomas'}

falling slowly

fall into the gap. falling slowly. why they call it falling. fall. fall leaves. fall apart. fall of adam. fallen state of man. fall of the roman empire. faller. downfall.