student blogger.

i just discovered student blogger. of course this exists and why shouldn't it? the question does remain, however, why i never sought it out before today. equipped with an excellent directory, they seem smart and worth visiting every so often. they feature student blogs daily, some posts of which have featured yours truly.


had a little shower yesterday for jenn, who is marrying my brother on saturday.

charlene: tacloban, philippines.

the adorable charlene opened a mission call to tacloban, philippines. can hardly believe it. 

transitions: 02

a newly acquired plant cozied up to my lifelong comforter to accompany me on my journey home to st. george.

back to blogland.

my existence is not so interesting lately. because that is precisely what it is--existence. i want to be good for something. but we'll see. many summers of mine have been spent simply existing.

where is home exactly? is it really where the heart is? a commenter observed my heart was in st. george. which i suppose is true. but i feel desperately homesick for provo. for incredible access to information, people, resources. not to mention the weather.

open book: the real me feels alone. i feel i have nowhere to be. no purpose. lost. what am i to do for the months of june, july, august? i think the bigger question is, what am i to do for the rest of my life? i don't know of anything i'm just dying to do. it seems like everyone around me is starting something new. traveling, getting married, racing, even working or schooling. i'm not sure how good i am at living from day to day without a distant goal in mind.

i get really funny when things change. i expect everyone is similarly resistant to change--but each person's dealings with this so-called enemy is different. i have a transition mode. it happens when life turns me upside down and inside out leaving me as one, giant open wound of absolute vulnerability. outwardly, it looks a lot like crying. red eyes and blotchy cheeks.

since june 6th until about the 21st (or i could argue 28th since my brother is getting married then), my life has been in perpetual motion. propelling me toward numbness, instead of the emotional basket case i typically revert to in transition mode.

not a new idea, but somehow enlightening: "we don't really know what we believe in or care about until what we believe in or care about is threatened, challenged, or measured."
- sheri dew, book.

i'm not sure how willing i am to give it the old college try--because college is gone. and what should it try for?



new thin-soled vans.  more flexible. more enjoyable. 
i have a lot on  my mind lately. 

school. finals tomorrow and thursday.  haven't studied nor am i prepared to be tested.  how can i just not care? i'll make it.  am sort of wondering what to expect for fall.  what classes will i take and will it be too much? i hope i regain focusness and can move more steadfastly.  i want to be a distance person. try out for cross country--not track.  

home.  moving home in 3 days.  pushing out of my mind that overly obtrusive thought what is there for me in st. george? it's easier this time, though.  now that spring is over, there really isn't much for me in provo either.  besides school--and i'm not wishing nor willing to push through it so quickly i regret it.  home will be good. unlimited summer activities that will make time go by faster than i probably want it to.  anyone know of restaurants in st. g. that are hiring?

life.  like i said, i've been experiencing some new experiences lately.  which is good. when people ask how are you? i really think about it. i've been thinking about it.  i am really good. like. really good.  

friends.  i'm so grateful for true friends.  embracing in times of hardship.  there are ties between us. i'm glad for the friends i haven't seen in a year, but that i can give a tight hug.  and i'm glad for the friends i can give a tight hug and start crying. i'm glad for friends i can call at 8:25 am and force to help me! experience is key. 

in answer to my own question, what is for me in st. george is friends. home. life.  different home. different life.  always same friends. 


uncharted territory.

i have been in the grass a little lately and acquired some little red bumps on tuesday or wednesday. chiggers--someone said. chiggers in utah? i don't know enough about chiggers or american geography to neither agree nor disagree. so i went with chiggers. i put nail polish on them, as my floridian roommate advised me, in order to choke them. the more i talked to people though, the more i questioned my self-diagnosis. the funny thing is--in st. george, or most of 'urban' utah, there are not many small biting bugs (that i grew up with at least)--so i didn't know, and i still don't know if having chiggers or something akin to it is like having lice. you don't really want everyone or anyone to know you have it. but it is no secret to all who know me. i have chiggers.

but i told the people at work: i have chiggers. chiggers?--they said. no. not in utah. you can't get chiggers from grass that's sprinklered every night and mowed every week and that thousands of kids play on every day. not chiggers. fleas. or mites. or bed bugs. cooties--my boss said.

now. i keep finding them in places where they weren't just one day ago. so i'm thinking--not chiggers. my roommate is feeling kind of nauseated today--maybe that has something to do with it. perhaps it's something in my clothes--my new laundry detergent. or maybe it's in my bedsheets, or in my cocoa butter. or maybe my expired milk gave it to me.

going home to st. george this weekend, i am only wishing i would go into the doctor or dentist for a routine check up and something would make me go into anaphylactic shock. sending me straight to the fictional princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital in new jersey. dr. house would refuse my case until cameron or chase convinces him otherwise. they would search my home and find termites or aliens or something completely dramatic that caused these little red bumps. and just in time to save my very life.

life has been throwing stuff at me lately. i have been in willing suspension of disbelief--that my life was perfect: nothing hard, no trials, no suffering. but also that it was imperfect: i wanted something more. not only did i want something more i wanted something exact and specific. and i got it. i got exactly what i wanted. precisely.

it is not the first time i've been granted my exact wish. but it is the first time i wasn't sorry i wished it. i didn't want something else instead. i wanted what i got. today, however, i've felt a little slapped in the face. which is good. i'm glad. because i needed it more than anything.

i have yet to know the origin and nature of these little red bumps that are itching and spreading and invading. maybe i'll find out. maybe i won't. hopefully they'll go away, but i don't know if they will. some things, i know for certain, will be gone in a week. and that will be that. but other things remain. like questions, anxiety, inexperience, wishes, longing, memories, and dreams.

these red bumps, they are uncharted territory for me. i'm sure others have had them loads of times and know exactly what to do, how to deal, how to resist and how to recover. they are familiar with them and recognize them instantly. but for me. they are brand new. foreign and almost unfriendly. i don't know how to make them go away. i don't know how to keep them. my life is different. the question is, after passing through such unfamiliar highways, can a life remain unchanged?

can i bounce back after what i know only to be uncharted territory.


big bang.

in line.  trev, meg, kyle, ren, rob, me. 
love taking photos. 
sky ride.  kind of queazy at times. 
abby girl. met up with her for stake lagoon day. 

swings.  megan's never ridden them.  but you're not allowed on when you're wearing flip-flops. 
on friday (june 6), we went out with a bang.  as the last thing any of the gang do anything together, megan, ren, trevor, kyle, and rob drove up and we went to lagoon. it was a day filled with mixed emotions. but between wicked, getting kicked off the swings, dip-n'-dots, and witnessing some scary stuff--it was fun. 

and they all left today.  there are no more boys left.  which is good. megan and i are on our own for the next 2 years or so.  should be interesting. 



From [the] majestic world of spirits we enter the grand stage
of life to prove ourselves obedient to all things commanded of God. During
mortality we grow from helpless infancy to inquiring childhood and then to
reflective maturity. We experience joy and sorrow, fulfillment and
disappointment, success and failure. We taste the sweet, yet sample the
bitter. This is mortality.

Then to each life comes the experience
known as death. None is exempt. All must pass its portals.

most, there is something sinister and mysterious about this unwelcome
visitor called death. Perhaps it is a fear of the unknown which causes many
to dread its coming. . . .

. . . [The Savior's] words
to the grieving Martha and to His disciples today bring comfort to

'I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth
in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

'And whosoever
liveth and believeth in me shall never die' (John

'In my Father's house are many mansions:
if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for

'. . . I will come again, and receive you unto myself;
that where I am, there ye may be also' (John

- thomas s. monson

sam + sunday dinner.

jeremiah.  sam. 
my roommate samantha made me dinner on sunday night.  usually, she goes to her boyfriend, jeremiah's grandparent's house for sunday dinner.  but the sweet girl she is, didn't want me to be alone this sunday.  

she is so funny. i love love love sharing a room with her. she's a huge tease. she will find the way to twist hers and your words to make a joke.  we do everything we can together.  it's not a lot, but i love it. 


new route.

everyone at byu, in provo, and in northern utah, is always complaining about parking.  there just isn't enough parking around.  there is enough.  but with a car, parking has now become my nemesis.  i understand now.  i have found a lot that i actually rather enjoy.   it's by the darling duck pond and sits at the bottom of some grand staircases, unused outdoor classrooms, and political artwork apparently.  

i can't bring myself to park anywhere else. 


baked ziti.

i attended my first break the fast on sunday.  much could be said about the event, but i will just enlighten you on my college kitchen experience, baking ziti.  i baked all day long and brought it along with some cookies to the long tables where...like...a thousand dishes were. there was so much food--so many options. the cookies were gone in a moment. and, pleased with myself, the ziti was gone in about 10.

BAKED ZITI submitted by Alyssa Norr

• One 16oz package of ziti pasta
• One pound of ground beef or sausage
• One onion chopped
• Two 28oz jars of spaghetti sauce
• 6oz sliced provolone cheese
• 6oz sliced mozzarella cheese
• 1 and 1/2 cup sour cream
• 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
• 1/4 cup fresh basil (chopped) optional

1. Cook pasta 8-10 minutes
2. Brown meat, add chopped onions, drain off fat, add spaghetti sauce and let simmer for approximately 15 minutes
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
4. In a two quart baking dish, place half of the pasta then top with alternating kinds of cheese, add some of the sauce mixture and a layer of sour cream
5. Place remaining pasta, cheese, and sauce on top, finally adding a layer of Parmesan and basil
6. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until top is bubbly


remember my walk (photos) to campus. kate left me her car for the summer and now i have a different view.  these bushes with lavender-colored blossoms smell delicious.  could they be lavender-scented? or perhaps they're just real lavender.  but i doubt it.  

it's been raining a lot too. 


tracy chapman.
my girl. 

adulthood 101.

i guess for me, spring semester is all about adult.  i have a job. and school. and true, my parents still claim me, but there are no siblings within earshot to hear me cry wolf. the thing about being a kid is that whatever you do, someone is behind you.  if you're on stage, someone is in the audience applauding. if you are bummed, someone is there to cheer you up.  if you forget your lunch, your mom can bring it to you.  if you spill, you don't really have to clean it up--someone is watching you. and they will clean it up for you. 

the moment i realized if i don't do it, no one will was in the wells fargo parking garage behind my work.  i was unlocking the passenger door to my car.  at my job, if i don't do it, no one else will. i guess it hit me because in a restaurant (where i work), people want to be children again.  they want to be fed, served, waited on, and cleaned up after. so they put up the money and it happens. 

it brings new meaning to what i thought it meant to be an adult. to the word independent

i told my boss today that i wouldn't be here come 2 weeks.  i am sad to be leaving a great place of employment. but boy am i excited to go home. 

jon + jenn.

bridals by denise hoogland are up and are beautiful.  i'm still in shock that my brother is getting married. any cures?