Manju Kumar.

look how smart my 8th graders are! (well I didn't teach them robotics, but I did read To Kill A Mockingbird with them!) this is Manju Kumar, Shanti Bhavan Children's Program


$1 bowl from d.i.

this milk glass candy dish I found yesterday at the D.I. for one American dollar has made me so happy. I really love it.

i love my roommates.

this weekend I took some pictures for the first time in a long time. my little Canon PowerShot A560 is kind of getting old. but what's a girl to do with but a few pennies in her bank account? I think the old point-and-shoot will do until I can pay my bills.

I'm reading this book and love it so far. doesn't Ariel look stunning in those colors?



great image from Haiti . Evening Star.

"Embrace this day with an enthusiastic welcome, no matter how it looks. The covenant with God to which you are true enables you to become enlightened by him, and nothing is impossible for you"
- Elder Enzio f. Busche, BYU, May 1996 (video via Spencer)

I want to go. Should I forfeit Washington this summer and go?


i really wish i had one of these.

I saw these SpinThread necklaces on Neon Polish. and want one. any ideas out there on how to make one?




happy friday.

looking through my pictures and saw these 6th graders at SB. I miss those lighting, those walls.


current interests.

I'm enjoying myself during the first week back to school. and taking advantage of the time I have to do a little posting. these past few weeks I have gained a few interests:

1. I discovered the OraBrush while watching this little video. and come to find out, their headquarters are in Springville, Utah. now, I haven't used mine yet because I just got it in the mail--but I'm really looking forward to it. they are offering them for free--pay for shipping and handling. if you are in the Utah Valley area, I would opt to pick it up from their offices. I paid $7.99 for my s+h and when I looked on my package it only cost them $1.98.

2. Dave Farmar yoga podcasts. I learned about Dave Farmar while listening to free 20-minute yoga downloads from iTunes. thanks to Melissa and Dani I've been running and doing a little yoga afterward.

3. Dave Salmoni and Into the Pride. I have been coming home at 5 to watch this show on Animal Planet. I love it so much. this decent-looking man is just living with a pride of lions in Africa and it looks like so much fun. the landscape is beautiful and I just love those lions. plus, Animal Planet doesn't skimp on drama. I also watched Wild Recon tonight, but it wasn't nearly as good as Into the Pride. besides, I like lions a lot more since I met Christian.

book covers.

my friend Megan got me this beautiful copy of "Sense + Sensibility" from Anthropologie for Christmas. and now I want all of them.