Eat Your Chocolate!

I'm not really one of those CHOCOLATE! people. You know, those ladies that are like "I can't live without chocolate" "There's nothing chocolate can't fix" and all that stuff? I do like chocolate though. One of the patients here at the Doctor's office brought his in; Here's to all you chocolate crazies...

"Even small portions of chocolate might make a difference for cardiovascular health. Consuming large amounts of chocolate has been showsn to lower blood pressure. A study randomly assigned 44 adults who were considered mildly hypertensive but otherwise healthy to add about 0.2 ounces (30 calories) of dark chocolate to their normal daily diet. After about 4.5 months, the systolic pressure of people who had eaten dark chocolate had dropped about three points, along with a two-point drop in diastolic pressure, compared with their levels when the study began. Blood pressure was unchanged in the white-chocolate group."

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