My Favorite Things Swap

I was just reading Jordan's Blog and she posted about a swap. Now, she is always talking about them, but never tells how she got involved. This time, a friend of hers is putting it together; called "My Favorite Things." Go sign up now on her blog, "Around the World on my Vespa" You just e-mail this french girl all your stats and then once you get an assignment, you send three or more of your very favorite things that you would want to recieve! HOW FUN! I'm freaking out. Go to Jihan's blog now!


abby said...

Can I just tellyou how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Its my new favorite! I'm loving all the new posts! Why dont you ever come over anymore?

Amy said...

Girl, I know. I haven't been over forever. I need to! I am so bored today so I just blog all these crazy things. Ha.