12 Reasons I'm Excited for College

{image from j.crew}
12. The whole persona of a totally dependent independence.

11. Use a public laundering service.

10. To legitimately use the sarcasm in college-girl and college-boy.

09. Possibly keep my space remotely clean.

08. A lot less driving. A lot more walking.

07. Learn things and stuff.

06. Decorate my apartment. {I'm trying really hard not to go overboard}

05. Continue to use my 'I'm a late bloomer' excuse to all dates and personal questions.

04. P-Town! Not to mention the northern Utah shopping.

03. I am hoping my demanding classes will help me take my mind off the material-focused blogland.

02. Sibling affection. All 5 kids will be within 50 miles. Yipee!

01. Mostly I am just excited to be me in a new environment.


Anne Bradshaw said...

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How to access and use this tool is posted in my blog today at www.annebradshaw.blogspot.com

Please pass this message on--and enjoy!

And congrats on college!

Charlene said...

Amy - I know you are going to love being at college for all the reasons that you've listed. I can't wait to have you up here.