Nuclear Energy in the Backyard

Hello to all of Amy's fans. I am guest-blogging for Amy. You may know me from such entries as "Bobba and Willie" and "Simple Spotlight." As is mentioned earlier in the blog, we held a Koolaid stand a few days ago. A Koolaid stand is one way of attracting the best of humanity, who stop for hopeful children on the side of the road and pay generously for a drink that is lucky to get into the "other" category of the food pyramid. So I hope it does not get him in trouble in any way that I mention this on the internet, but....There was a young man who stopped for a drink and, due to his mode of transportation, was obliged to either drink the Koolaid or throw it out right in front of the kids. So he stayed and talked with us for awhile. As it turned out, he is working on a geological project just beyond the last houses in our neighborhood (actually how far beyond, I don't know). Between sips of the putrid red juice, he told us that he was actually trying to locate and map out the uranium contents of the surrounding land. He is sponsored by a mining company interested in the alternative fuel source. Unfortunately, he was able to gulp down an acceptable amount of Koolaid before we could really get into the details of nuclear power and uranium mining, but it did provide some food for thought. Could uranium mining ever get a hold in our small town? How would things change if it did? How dangerous is it? How beneficial to humankind is nuclear power (as an alternative to coal)?I certainly don't have all the answers to these questions. I am aware that there is much misinformation about nuclear power....and that people are sometimes afraid when they shouldn't be and not afraid when they should be. I do know that it would become much more important to me to know precisely when to be afraid if there were the prospect of a uranium mine anywhere near my home. A few websites with interesting articles (reflecting different viewpoints):Question and Answer about dangers of uranium minesUranium mines vs. coalPicturesThere are many more.

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