About a year ago, I wrote an article for the LDS Church magazine, the New Era. It is a column/section that readers can just send in stories and whatnot. I just wrote up a little experience I had and my reflections on it and what do you know? They bought it. They sent me a check and the Church has ownership and copyright of it now but they didn't tell me when or even if it would be published. My bishop told me Sunday that they called him and told him it would be published! Yipee. Do not judge too harshly on my writing skills, but look for it soon {sometime in the next few months I would guess}.


Phoebe said...

Ahhh... I am so excited!! And whatever about your writing skills!! Your skills are the best!!
I will be anxiously awaiting each months issue!!

Laurie said...

Way to go Amy!!! To be published, what an accomplishment! I love your writing style! Can't wait to read your story! Have fun in Provo. All your sibbling being close....that is the best! Poor Mom and Dad...:( they will be lonely.