You Bet

As most of the country knows, High School Musical 2 comes out tonight. And you bet I'm pumped. Who can blame anyone else and everyone else for totally falling in love with the Disney channel original movie? My first exerience was about a week after the movie came out...I had stayed home from school with the flu that day {the first and last time I ever got sick on a school day!} and was drowinging in pounds of blankets that evening, putting off my homework for the next day I would return. I watched it out of less than desperation, but nothing close to admiaration; mere interest. It floored me. I called up my friends at midnight to cry how much I loved Troy. How much I love HSM. They all fullheartedly agreed. I burned the CD immediately and listened to it for the duration of probably..i don't know... one year. To this day, I still find myself totally---in love---with High School Musical. Despite crowds of irritating obsessives at school, stores and everywhere in between. Also despite the overwhelming obsession with it here in St. George because... well HSM2 was filmed here. I have several friends that were in it. Always got invites to go to HSM cast parties. Regretfully, I never attended. But I did eat my Jr. Prom dinner with two ensemble members. I even spotted one of them dancing in the background in a photo featured in the USA Today article. {sort of a sorry excuse for a claim to fame...} I think my most recent love aroused from the fact that Troy & Gabriella {Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens} are together in real life. They are so cute! The story is also, dare I say, inspiring. I mean who can't relate to "Stick to the Status Quo?" No one can deny having an inkling to be something someone else won't allow them to be. And I would bet that 99% of people really wanted to be in their high school's musical. It's just sweet. I've watched some clips and instantly---the chills. I don't know what about it, but it's undeniably......good.

So Yipee! Happy High School Musical to all of you,

p.s. In no way do i attempt to make the notion that I am original or unique in my adoration for High School Musical. It is widely awesome. I join an entire army of HSM lovers for sure.

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