oh yes... i nearly forgot i'd been tagged. you little rascal charlene

01. i'm starting to think this blog is just a place of devotion to marta. i love her to death.

02. i am quite erratic. and also romantic. i believe they coincide.

03. i am extremely proud to be from utah {especially st. george, utah} and anyone that has 'issues' with utah-people can go back where they came from.

04. i love refried beans. not exactly the most feminine food--but they sure are tasty.

05. dating {in general} gives me the willies.

06. i have a keen memory for names and occurrences.

07. "everywhere things snag me" {you must read one of my favorites: 'an american childhood' by annie dillard.} i feel a deep attachment to all forms of beauty. i suspect i am one of many. yet it still remains a consternating piece of my very insides.


Abby said...

love your blog! Looks like your having a blast in ptown! Black and white parties are soo provo! haha how fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok love the comment about anyone who doesn't like Utah or the people here should go back to where they came from. Yeah, it's different here but if I went to where they came from it would be different too. Get over it! You moved here on your decision. Haha Im totally frustrated by that too. So i loved your comment