his honor

what may have been the pinnacle of my college carrer was essentially--exciting--if anything. it was just a thrill to be in u.s. supreme court chief justice john robert's presence. i arrived early to insure a good seat; my view was great. he was great. he spoke on the constitution and made multiple references to president reagan and to former byu president, rex lee. i loved the phrases he used: "the founders were pioneers" and "an infectious optimism." listening to him, i felt assertedly american.

i lingered after to witness the q+a session. it was a most interesting process. prior to the forum, i considered asking a question. most of the questioners were political science, international relations, or history majors. they asked highly intelligent and highly specific questions i could hardly follow. he, of course, answered them brilliantly.

with little conviction, i still wanted to ask a question. i longed to just fold my feet up on a couch, a coffee table between us, and ask him his favorite color. i wanted to share chips and salsa, and listen to him recount the story of how he met his wife. i wished we met by happenstance on a plane or in a line at disneyland, and i could ask him what was going through his mind during the probationary hearings. or how he got to where he was today.

maybe someday you and i will see him at the cafe on the corner and send him a note on a napkin. just to say "i love john roberts."

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