the best thing ever.

happened to me today.

and Courtney and Spencer.

Courtney and Spencer are both really laugh-y people. and I'm so glad they let me in on their jokes even though I try and squeeze myself in half-way through almost every time. Courtney has the most contagious laugh--so I can't help it. they are just fun to talk to. and in Ed's news reporting class, there's not really much else to do. Now Ed is a really great guy, but the class he teaches doesn't allow for much--note taking. or brain activity. it's just not the most intellectually engaging subject. everything we do, really, we learn by doing. so we tend to be quite chatty in the lecture portion of the class.

today was no exception. Courtney and Spencer were texting (each other), laughing, and talking simultaneously--with me butting in at all the inappropriate moments. we didn't really think anything of it. and when Ed let class out 5 minutes early we were relieved. until he started stacking his papers and said, "except for a few students who I would like to see in my office after class: Courtney, Spencer, and Amy."

no. way. of course we laughed even harder. but seriously. I was scared. do you think we're in trouble? we're totally in trouble. we deserve it. we'll just apologize.

we were way embarrassed and followed him to his office. where waiting, on his desk, was a paper plate of Argentine cookies. for us! at the party, Courtney and Spencer made a big valentine for Ed and put my name on it. I can't take much of the credit--but I suppose it was my party. :)

Professor C (we do not call him "Ed" to his face) said his wife saw the glittered valentine and loved it--so she insisted he bring us cookies. can you believe it? easily the best thing that has happened to me in my entire college career. who doesn't appreciate a valentine?


Anonymous said...

i LOVE all the posts concerning ed. they make my life so much better. as does your headband

Courtney said...

haha i take credit for my above post.

Spencer said...

that was seriously the funniest thing i have read in a while. and i like when you put a period after words so i can tell you are pausing. you write like you talk and i. like. it.