time capsule

I saw this warhol time capsule project via hi + low. recently I'm interested in all things post-modern because I am studying it in my post-modern humanities class, funnily enough. I feel desperate to preserve things and don't know if I could do it the way he did.


Phoebe said...

i miss you :( its been much too long! you are busy being studious, and smart. love you amy!

Annette said...

It is a little surreal to me that youre in India.
good for you.
what an experience to have.
So good to have someone I know doing something selfless and good for once.
it dares to give me hope.
good luck with everything you do and I hope you continue to travel and open your mind to other's cultures and thoughts. I'll be reading all about your journeys I'm sure.

Annette said...

Oh.. well then.
Welcome Back!