friday, april 30.

on Fridays, we have class all day from like 8-4 or so. "class" includes 2 or 3 "briefers," or speakers from the DC area who have something neat to share with us. after class, a few of us went down to the waterfront, where I plan to spend a lot of time.

also, my camera is super unreliable and often takes pictures with very light in them. so when I get them into iPhoto I enhance them, and some of them turn into this vintage looking photo. kind of cool, but still wish I had a reliable camera! I guess I'm planning on getting one soon. but for the mean time, here are some photos.

after the waterfront, we met up with a few others to go to Alexandria, VA--just a few metro stops away. it's a beautiful little town and King Street in Alexandria is an intern favorite, complete with old-time shops and restaurants, up-scale shopping and sometimes street performers. we ate at a Moroccan restaurant called "Casa Blanca" (go figure) for a pretty little penny. there was even a belly dancer which was fun. after Casa Blanca we went walking along and found a great crystal-glass player.

it was a lovely day.


kailey. mira. amy.


me + annique on the metro! I love the metro.

me + julie and oliver. they're such a fun married couple slash I want them to adopt me.

amy. kailey. mira. trevor. sweeney = sweenalicious.

this guy was THE BEST! he had like 60 glasses with distilled water in them, and playing beautiful music. he played symphonies and John Williams. it was amazing.


Lynne said...

I remember this guy! He is FANtastic!

I'm glad you experienced his talent!

dani said...

i see oliver johnson and john lenahan! i know so many people over there!


Twin XL said...

The water is really nice - looks like you all had a great time!