backyard gathering.

megan threw me the cutest little gathering as a homecoming/farewell/birthday party. she is the best friend i could ask for. thanks so much to megan. for all the times i wished she was with me at byu/india/d.c., i'm so grateful she's here now. i couldn't survive the next 2 months without her.

many of these boys i hadn't seen for 2 years! i was so glad to see them, hug them, and talk to them like adults. i was so impressed with them.

this bag was the token souvenir from Obamatown. i knew no one would love it like meg did.


marta said...

darling, darling. love your friendship. and happy happy birthday, doll. you're onto conquering the world.

Elleny said...

SOOOOO cute. Megan wins the crafty housewife/ wonderful friend of the year. Good luck on your mission yearbook amy :)

Lundin Family said...

Miss Amy....I haven't see you forever...I was hoping to see you tonight when you dropped Meg off to get her car, but we missed you. Next time you are down in our neck of the woods, stop in :) So excited about your mission...you will be the cutest sister missionary out there.

Wow Meg...what a darling party. How fun!!! Love you Amy...come and visit!!