did you hear?

sAriel and Steve got married! it was an affair to remember and I'm so glad I was able to fly back tto Utah for the events and to be with my bffls Ariel and Steve.
the lovely array of pom-poms called for fanning +flaring + girl talk between the bride, Lene, and me. treasured time before her big day.

the three "semi=formal" boycotters. we got a little confused about what sort of dress the wedding dinner was to be.

Park City was beautiful and it was lovely to be back in Utah. wedding party + family sat round and told embarrassing stories about the bride and groom.

wedding quilt was amazing. if I want one thing at my wedding, it's a wedding quilt.

day two: waiting outside the temple. all of us roommates!

took pictures with Ariel's camera...which is why I have hardly any pictures myself.


was so good to see brooke + gordy. family to me.

between the temple and the pictures and reception, a lot of driving was in order to retrieve sign-in book pens, garter, ring pillow, getaway car supplies, and gifts.

bride + groom driving to take pictures.

Parker! Parker is one of our oldest friends from freshman year who just got home from his mission. it was so fun to see him and have him be a groomsman. Lene and I dragged him around in the backseat all day. he didn't seem to mind?

jess, me, lene, rylee.

getting ready in the bathroom. had a little struggle getting the shoes on but we made it. again, treasured minutes that we'll never have back again.

I've lived and slept and ate and breathed with this girl for the past two years. and I don't know that I've ever seen her more calm than she was on her wedding day. is she not the most beautiful bride? can't wait to see Keira's photos.

we danced the night away to Baby Bieber, Beyonce, and Phil Collins. what a wedding.

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dani said...

SO beautiful.
and amy mcdonald, so are you.