new york 10: staten island ferry.

after visiting the park, I got off of cloud 9 and onto the subway, off of the subway and onto Staten Island Ferry. I did very little planning for this trip and ended up not having enough time to do the entire Ellis Island thing. so when I learned that Becky Hayes and crew had left me on my own because I was a minute too late, the perfect combination of giddy and calm leftover from my You've Got Mail morning was gone.

luckily, I ran right into Papa Barfield. (it really was crazy that all of us Barlowers were seeing each other all over the city) and shortly after we ran into Peter. it was nice, just the three of us. I loved that ferry. what a blessing.


Twin XL said...

Looks like you had great weather for the ride. I was in NYC in April, took the same ride, & froze my rear end off....next time, I need to visit during the summer months :)

Becky Hayes. said...


amy said...

aw bex. i love you!