Missing Winter

I am a winter person. I would rather be snuggled up in a sweater and scarf sipping hot chocolate than on a beach getting skin cancer.
I appreciate the romance of summer; I appreciate that it comes and goes so swiftly, breaking our hearts as fall sets in. I have witnessed all its whims and joys. Summer is like youth: something we can never really hold onto. All its memories you feel you share with Scout and Dill and Jem and the Buttercream Gang. I often bid summer farewell with sorrow.
But I still must confess that I am missing winter. I grow tired of miserable heat. I long for a biting chill to enter my throat that sends adrenaline to my heart. Now, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but with its wardrobe allowance and cozy seats at the window,winter's wonder's have won my heart over the sizzling summers.

(p.s. Spring and Fall were NOT in this competition.)

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