College: Social Life {my weekend of ambiguity}

Heartache: Thursday night, a freshman boy in my housing complex died in his apartment. I saw the ambulances and observed no urgency and we were all left without information. But speculation led most of us to believe one of our fellow students had died. His name was David Anderson and he died alone, 100 feet from my door. There are a lot of rumors about how he died; none of which really matter. I take from it: 1. I thought I had it bad. My sadness is minuscule in comparison. 2. You never know what strangers are going through. We have to reach out. Do something that scares you; even if you think people think you are stupid, just say hi.

Allow me introduce you to my new friends.

Friday night there was a block party and against my usual tendencies {and better judgement?} I went. It was EFY. But hey, that's why I'm here right? To be cheesy and do the line dances and be...social. What you see in the first picture is a remnant of my "Confidence Cotton Candy." I got some cotton candy and...I felt all the confidence in the world. And that's when I started making some fabulous friends. We invited everyone we met at the party to GameNight at our house the following evening. After meeting a few people and dancing a bit, I went grocery shopping at Reme's, where I decided the best sort of people are at the grocery store on Friday night, and then I had a sleepover at Kate's.

Saturday night, GameNight, we played Balderdash and 'secret' games...you know the ones where you have to figure out HOW to play. We were supposed to have brownies at our house, but forgot to make them...so....we had to have Brownie Night.

Sunday evening, we invited everyone in our ward and then some to our house for brownies.

Heartbreak: Just before our guests arrived, my brother called me from the search party for Camille Cleverley, informing me that her body had been found near Bridal Veil Falls. Camille's story hit a lot of BYU students close. She lived in my brother's neighborhood; she was registered for classes; and they had been looking for her in the same place for a week before they found her. If there were more searchers, who knows what might have been? My new friend Laura and I made it to the last bit of the Candlelight Vigil at Miller field.

I can attempt to attribute my social peaking to the Confidence Cotton Candy, but I'm sure what triggered it was the abundance of sadness. I don't feel sad for myself; I feel sad for reasons unbeknown to myself. I am certain there are many who feel the way I do...deepenly saddened, but not sure what to do about it. All I know is, I would be personally affected if one of the 30 people I met last night died, as did the people whom I never knew. And in the end I knew that I did all I could to be their friend.

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Cami Kooka said...

gosh.. your so creative!! i love your blog so much! and it looks like your having so much fun too :) i miss you! i just made a blog like two days ago haha... so its not that great. but i'm sending you this kind of mass email thing pretty soon, so be sure to check for that. anyway... love you so much! :) i miss your beautiful smile! its soooo good to see you.