i'm it

karly has tagged me. how inadequate i feel.

4 places i've lived:
01. p-town, usa. {provo, utah}
02. st. george, utah

4 jobs i've had:
01. urban wear
02. dr. mcdonald's office
03. private violin teacher

4 favorite desserts:
01. crepes
02. cookies
03. ice cream
04. cake

4 favorite tv shows:
01. gilmore girls
02. the office
03. men in trees
04. my boys

4 interesting facts about me:
01. i am currently sitting next to a nice boy who just said "bye jane, love you" on the phone.
02. i have a growth on the third finger of my right hand. from writing. people stare at it from way far away.
03. the {people} in my ward have labeled me anti-boy. which may or may not be true.
04. i always think of fabulous things i would say about myself if i ever get tagged. and then i forget them as soon as i do.

4 people i'm tagging:
01. charlene
02. stephanie taylor
03. abby
04. consider yourself tagged all you non-bloggers. use the comment box.

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