dc temple.

me and talyn. i'm really grateful she decided to come at the last minute

i really love this picture. me. people...teddy. robert. david.

because I heard it was pretty rare that young adults get to go to the temple to do baptisms, I was really excited that our ward was going last week. I couldn't believe how beautiful the DC temple is! the guy who gave us a ride even offered to take us on the east beltway to get the amazing view from faraway. it was spectacular. what if I got married in this temple? that'd be fun huh?


Ariel said...

Amy. I miss you so much. I miss doing everything with you! I miss going to the temple with you. This sounds silly but I sometimes pretend like since I have worn those clothes you wear in your pictures that I am there too. Haha. If you get married in the D.C. temple....I'll be there! It's only fair that we make each other fly out to the other's wedding right? Love you and miss you constantly.

Ariel said...
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Twin XL said...

Wow, that's a really beautiful building :)

David said...

If you want, I can fly out there with a ring in hand ;-)