new york 02: times square and on the streets.

we stayed just a few blocks from times square. which i loved. our friend Chelsea was gracious enough to let us sleep on her couch in her naturally-lit ny apartment.

i love the new york times. as much as i distance myself from my career choice, the ny times makes me feel like a star for wanting to be a journalist.

natalie and me in times square. we kept on getting places and asking, "is this it?....this must be it." and then walk 100 yards further and say, "oh, this is it." i guess i was looking for 2 of 3 things: wicked, mama mia, and virgin mobile.

yeah, i don't know.

one of my favorite things about Natalie is that she has a weird obsession with collecting things. and not just coins or stamps. she collects jobs for her resume (that girl has worked in the most eclectic array of jobs), earrings, friends, license plates, dvds, etc. it seems like once a week she's talking about another collection she used to have. i love it about her and was willing to go to any length to help her get one more destination flat penny thingy when we stopped at the times square visitor center.

in the visitor center they had a wonderful wall of wishes from the new year, displaying what people wished for in 2010. feeling homesick that weekend, i wrote "a hike with my family."
30 rockefeller plaza. i don't really know why this place is famous but Natalie and i had fun in the NBC gift shop, buying Chuck merchandise. when we went outside, lo and behold, my epitome of new york came into view--ann staples! it was a miracle! she was out there waiting for Karly, who was doing an internship upstairs at the Today Show. it was amazing to see her and of course, she was 100% new york. i loved! seeing her.

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