dear elijah.

dear little babe,

I want you to know how much I love my one and only brother, your pops. I will always remember the time he carried me piggy-back all the way to the top of some peak at Yellowstone National Park. and I can't forget when he dressed up as prince charming (with a head of bleached-blonde hair) and danced with all my friends and me at my 6th birthday party. I still remember the day he left on his mission and the day he came home.

mostly, I'll remember the semester we spent together at BYU--my first, his last. my first day of college, I went into the Cougareat, and there he was. and every week he would come pick me up to watch House at his apartment. it was on those nights that he taught me to appreciate the true value of Hamburger Helper. on fridays, Melissa would come to Provo and the 3 of us ate at the Malt Shoppe. Melissa and I would try to give him girl advice. but we were never really that good at it. that's why we were grateful when he met and fell in love with your mommers, Jennifer. your dad picked me up when I got in that terrible car accident. afterward, he dropped me off to an apartment full of slightly insensitive roommates and freshman boys. he told them kindly to be a little nicer than usual to me. at the end of that semester, when he was graduating, I helped him move out of that 900 E apartment. it was over Christmas break and the heater had been turned off and broke. while I slept in my warm apartment across town, he couldn't sleep and moved most of his belongings into the car. on our way out of town that early morning, he drove me around to take some pictures for our sister Kate. on the way home, we dedicated ourselves to memorizing every word of Nickel Creek's The Fox.

and now, although logic defies it, it is so easy for me to believe this reality. that he is a dad. it's natural and familiar the way he makes sure I wash my hands before I touch you. or when he gets nervous when I change positions with you in my arms. he is your dad and my brother.

you are my first nephew. being the youngest, you are the first baby I've ever really known. and I love you to bits.

elijah bowlder mcdonald
born november 20, 2009
7 lbs 11oz


Audrey said...

I am so in love with that baby, and I haven't even been able to meet him yet! But I love you, and I love this post. So precious.

carly said...

what a CUTE baby!

Phoebe said...

what a beautiful baby, what a beautiful post...i'm shedding tears as i type, thank you for being such a great writer! congratulations to everyone on the birth of sweet elijah! parents, grandparents, aunties.... all so exciting. love you amy hope to see you over the holidays please!

megan said...

what a sweet post ame. you are such a cute little auntie! and he is darling!

Kiley said...

He is so precious! Tell your family hello and tell jonny and jennifer congrats!

rawhide said...

congrats to jon and jennifer...her is super cute and i liked reading your post. have fun being an aunt!!!!!