10 things before 2010.

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hello december.

I've been thinking a lot about new year's resolutions. doug informed me about this campaign to leave '09 behind. it was an actual campaign to get 2010 to start on November 30. I thought the idea was clever and thought even harder when each time I passed the news about this campaign on, I got a different response--some people agreed, some people felt sad, others felt outraged at the sheer hopelessness of hating an entire year. it presented a funny juxtaposition of optimism and pessimism. more recently, I encountered a trending topic on twitter--"#LeaveItInThe00s" and it dawned on me that we are approaching a new decade. what conclusions I drew from all this I don't know. but I did remember that Elder Holland once said that "every day should be the start of a new year." inspired by Jordan's 30 things before 30, I have made my list of 10 things before 2010.

1. start 200 sit-ups program
2. bake something from scratch (perhaps a pie?)
3. handwrite Christmas letters to people I love but haven't really talked to in a long long while.
4. mail a package to Shanti Bhavan
5. write 1 personal history/story
6. write a feature on Shanti Bhavan
7. do yoga at least once
8. buy a handmade Christmas for my friends + family
9. throw some sort of celebration for some of my best friends, gordy + brooke (roommate) who are getting married in far away Colorado in a few short weeks.
10. self-proclaimed water challenge: drink only water for 1 week, maybe longer.

think of anything else I should put on the list, let me know. 2009 is a great time to be alive.


marta said...

you are still inspiring me, girl.

Courtney said...

Oooh. Amy I really like this idea! What did you decide on the internship front?

Desiree said...

i love this. i'm going to have to make my own list before the end of the year!

cami said...

i love this amy!

so i've been slowly sneaking back into the blogging world by trying to post more, but mainly just been stalking some fun, inspiring blogs that i love. so i guess i'm back on the block.
i've been blog stalking you for a while now, so i figure i should write something and say hello. :)

i really love this idea and the positive attitude that it portrays. i need to make a list for myself! (and i might steal some of your ideas!

cami said...


he he.

gordon said...

We know at least one of these is done now. Next I vote for the homemade pie!

Carma said...

it's a good list. I like the bake something from scratch -- i have a good pie recipe -- but the 200 sit up? not so much. I enjoy your blog. I have one too -- but nothing is on it yet -- I'll let you know if I ever write something