2010. really?

still to do
2. bake something from scratch (perhaps a pie?)
3. handwrite Christmas letters to people I love but haven't really talked to in a long long while.
4. mail a package to Shanti Bhavan
5. write 1 personal history/story
6. write a feature on Shanti Bhavan

I am so excited for 2010. true, I have grown especially fond of 2009 recently. but 2010 is also a great time to be alive, and I'm thrilled about being in Provo, gearing up for D.C., making new friendships.

Melissa and I started walk/jogging in the afternoons. yesterday we found a path just beyond civilization and I felt like I could run on it forever. I really don't like running at all. at all. but on the dirt in the desert, looking out over the southern Utah horizon, I felt such resolution. like I could do this every day for the rest of my life.

this past semester was difficult for me--if I can even say that. my life is so blessed and so rich--I hate that I take it for granted so easily. but after Thanksgiving and the snow came to Provo, my paradigm shifted with no effort of my own. I normally don't like the snow. but this year I love it. I've never found a better companion in such hard times. it felt like rejuvenation and gave me the same resolution I felt yesterday on that dirt path.

I'm starting the new decade with high spirits. though I know myself too well to believe it will last, I feel resolved and resolute to believe next year will be better than the last. and the future has more in store for me than the past.


beck said...

just wanted to let you know that i love your blog. i love the way you write and think you should write a book. i would read it. :) happy new year.

cami said...

i agree with my sister! haha.
love you amy. i hope you have a great new year!

Annette said...

dear Amy, good luck to you this year. may all your dreams come true and hopefully may you get to go back to Shanti Bhavan soon! Cheers!


Anonymous said...